About Us

Patron :- Jimmy Spankie
President :- Daphne Barbieri LACI
Vice President / Secretary / Past President :- Alex Forbes
Treasurer :- Aileen Gourlay
Competition Secretary :- Pat Lawrence
Webmaster :- Moira Brown

The Club was formed in 1993 by a group of enthusiasts to help further their interests in moviemaking and to introduce beginners to this fascinating hobby.   It is now well known and respected by other clubs within Scotland.Our aims are to help you get more out of your camcorder.   We can help you produce movies (documentary and fiction) which won't send your family and friends to sleep.

New members young and old welcome.

dundee film club during filming of The Contented Man film screening a film screening prize giving 2017 prize giving

The 2018 winners of our annual competitions are:

Raymond Gordon Shield :- Daphne Barbieri LACI, " A Week in India "
Bill Hamper Trophy :- Pat Lawrence, " Orkney "
Bruce Frazer Editing Cup :- Frances Stewart, " La Grace "
Ken McRonald Trophy :- Frances Stewart, " Beach "
Colin Cosgrove Trophy. :- Norma Dow, " Dawyck Gardens "
Jean's jug :- Moira Brown, " The Bowl Haircut " One minute film.
Tom Reilly Comedy Trophy :- Moira Brown, " The Bowl Haircut "